A New Start for the New Year: Expunging or Sealing Your Criminal Record

Background checks by employers are more extensive and inquisitive than ever. 

Example Job Application Question:  “Have you ever entered a plea of no contest, nolo contendere or guilty to any charge other than a traffic ticket?”

This is a pretty broad question, and includes even “slap on the wrist” sentences for possession of alcohol by a minor, disorderly intoxication, petit theft, etc.

A “yes” answer may or may not be a deal-breaker for your potential employer…but why take the chance?  Florida law allows many people to have their criminal history expunged or sealed from the public eye.  What’s more, Florida law allows a person who has had his or her record expunged or sealed to answer “no” when most employers ask this question.  Not everyone with a criminal record is eligible to have their record expunged or sealed.  Are you?

Beggs & Lane offers a free consultation to determine if you are eligible to have your criminal record expunged or sealed.   If you are eligible, we handle all expungement/sealing cases on a flat fee basis.   For more information, call Charlie Wiggins of Beggs & Lane at (850) 432-2451.


One thought on “A New Start for the New Year: Expunging or Sealing Your Criminal Record

  1. Liza Van Brussel says:

    Hi. I would like to know if a misdemeanor DUI w no property damage or injury can be expunged. It was received 4/2011. All requirements were met. And Judge Johnson of Pensacola dismissed it on 11/2013. I have no other record. Thanks!

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